Research Fields

Variational Analisis and Dynamical Systems

I study nonsmooth dynamical systems, induced by descent dynamics, sweeping processes and other variational dynamics. I’m also interested in nonsmooth first-order calculus in the convex and nonconvex setting.

Differential geometry in Variational Analysis

I study the differential structure of mathematical objects in the context of variational analysis, such that the metric projection, manifolds in Hilbert spaces, o-minimal structures, among others.

Optimization and Game Theory

I’m interested in optimization and equilibrium problems in several settings, such as quasiconvex equilibrium problems, nonsmooth optimization, variational formulations, bilevel optimization and Multi-Leader-Follower games, both in the deterministic and stochastic setting. I study both, theoretical aspects and algorithms.

Applications of Optimization and Learning

I am interested in high impact problems where optimization, game theory and learning are involved. I study applications of these theories, such that sharing economies, cryptocurrencies, design of exchange networks and opinions in social networks.
Problems in renewable energy, and management of natural resources have been one of my research lines in the recent years. I am also interested in problems of Operations research, logistic and economics in general.


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PhD. Thesis

Subdifferential determination, Faces Radon-Nikodym property, and differential structure of prox-regular sets
Advisor: Lionel Thibault. Université de Montpellier, 2016.
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